Indonesian Coffee

Coffee is all about how you pick, roast, pack and grind to make the perfect brew. It is just like wine tasting without getting drunk!


So we have done most of the job for you and selected quality coffee from selected farms in Indonesia, carefully roasted and packed in the UK to keep the freshness. Our coffee is high grade, from the single origin and blends to ensure you will have first-class quality coffee every time.


Why have I chosen Indonesian coffee?  Indonesia is the fourth largest coffee producer in the world.  It produces one of the best and most expensive coffee to date.  I work closely with my Indonesian partner. Over the years through sampling many different varieties of coffee from Gayo in Aceh, north of Sumatra to Papua,  the most eastern island of Indonesia, I have become to enjoy Indonesian coffee. This delightful experience I would like to share with you. 


Having been to Indonesia and talking to people in the know about the coffee industry over there,  I am passionate to always select coffee which is ethically sourced to help the farmers. Having a good source is paramount in choosing the beans to understand how we are helping those at the bottom of the coffee ladder.


Please feel free to browse our exclusive coffee. We will in the near future add more varieties.



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